Titanium Balls for Large Gauge Horseshoes

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Titanium internal threaded balls for large gauge circular barbells, suitable for gauges between 6mm and 10mm. 

Our silver titanium ball attachments are approved by professional piercers as they are of the highest quality making them completely safe for any piercing. The screw on attachment is ideal for horseshoe/circular barbells with a wider gauge. 

Circular barbells can be used in ear, navel, septum, nipple or genital piercings. Titanium is as strong as steel but as lightweight as aluminium. It is the material of choice when it comes to sourcing high-quality jewellery products.

Finding good quality threaded attachments for barbells with a larger gauge can be difficult. At Paradox Body Jewellery we source all of our jewellery from trusted suppliers and can give you piercing aftercare advice if you are having any problems.

Our team in our Bournemouth store are always on hand to answer any questions, or can help you to remove and replace piercings if they feel stuck in place. We’re located on Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth and our opening times are:

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We also accept online orders and you can get free UK delivery when you spend £10 or more. So why not replace your barbell while you’re at it?