Wooden Bone Fake Plug

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Pretend your ears have been stretched with these faux-plugs. They're made from organic Tamarind wood, shaped to look like a bone, and ready to be placed in your ear to give you the appearance of stretched lobes, without the pain, time and commitment required to actually stretch your lobes. 

Wood is regarded as a high-quality piercing jewellery material and is widely used in tribal-inspired designs. Once polished, it’s perfectly safe and should not cause any irritation or discomfort to your lobes. 

We’ve got loads more tribal jewellery to explore, a lot of pieces use wood, brass and abalone bone for a distinctly unique effect.

The pieces of this fake plug push together as opposed to being threaded. The final piece is an effective and striking plug effect, shaped like a bone. Pull apart carefully to avoid damaging your new plug.

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