Natural stone comes in a wide range of varieties (including but not limited to Jade, Rose Quartz and Turquoise). Due to the natural origin of stone body jewellery, there is often slight variations in the pattern of the jewellery, meaning that each piece you see is totally unique. Whilst heavier than glass and bone, stone jewellery is still relatively lightweight (especially in smaller gauges), and is very smooth which makes for quick wipe-down cleaning, easy insertion and removal. For those that are of a spiritual inclination, different stones and crystals provide different 'energies' and healing properties, so stone body jewellery is a great way to carry these properties with you in your day to day life. Whilst solid and relatively durable, stone pieces can crack or chip if dropped - for this reason, they should be removed whilst showering, bathing or swimming, and should be stored carefully when not being worn.