Here at Paradox, we have a wide range of plugs, tunnels and tapers made from a variety of different woods, including but not limited to coconut wood, crocodile wood and teak wood. The natural origin of these pieces mean that there may be a slight variation in the grain of wood between pieces, giving you a totally unique look. Wooden body jewellery is smooth and lightweight, making it ideal for daily wear. Additionally, wood can absorb the oils produced by our body, meaning that they can reduce the odour and 'gunk' associated with stretched piercings. Please ensure that you remove your wooden jewellery whilst bathing, showering or swimming; wood is a porous material and so may absorb moisture, which could lead to your wooden jewellery cracking or becoming warped out of shape. It is also a good idea to oil your wooden plugs (using jojoba oil or extra virgin olive oil) once a month to ensure that they keep their smoothness and strength over time.