BioFlex Push-Fit Disc

Material: Bioflex
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As an official distributor of BioFlex piercing jewellery, is pleased to offer our customers a wide range of light, comfortable and easy to use products.

If you want your piercing to be as discrete as possible, this BioFlex push-fit disc is almost completely invisible and is compatible with any BioFlex labret stem or barbell, which makes it perfect for hiding piercings such as the Monroe or the Madonna. This product benefits from a convenient safety feature whereby the disc will pop out if you catch it, rather than tearing or pulling your piercing. However, we would not recommend push-fit accessories for tongue piercings.

BioFlex is also extremely useful if you need to hide your piercing at work or at school as these discs are available in clear and black and are very easy to hide. Take care to order a disc that will fit your jewellery gauge.