Black Titanium Curved Barbell

Material: Titanium
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Our black titanium curved barbell is a classic piece everyone needs in their jewellery box. This bar measures 1.6mm in diameter and is made from titanium, which is a very strong metal, but still lightweight. This product is hypoallergenic so can be worn with sensitive skin. 

This barbell is suitable for any piercing. It’s available in lengths from 6mm - 36mm with a 1.6mm gauge. There are also 3 ball size options from 4mm to 6mm. This barbell could be used for a eyebrow, rook or other body piercing. Contact us today if you have any questions or visit our shop in Bournemouth on Old Christchurch Road for friendly advice.

The black titanium colour makes this piercing jewellery complimentary of all other jewellery colours - why not match it with some surgical steel or titanium? The simple style and color makes it suitable for any piercing, whether it be ear, nose, septum or other body parts.

Both balls on this barbell are threaded so you can swap them with any other screw on attachments with a 1.6mm gauge. Get creative and show us your style on Instagram!

High quality piercing jewelry is our specialty at Paradox Jewellery. You can rest assured this rose gold barbell is made to last, and will not discolour. It is comfortable to wear in any piercing and easy to put on and take off.

We offer free UK shipping on all orders over £10. Why not combine this curved barbell with your other stylish body jewellery to create a modern, edgy style. Shop high quality piercing jewellery with Paradox today.