Internal Threaded Opal Flower Labret

Material: Surgical Steel
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This opal flower attachment is internally threaded and easy to attach to any straight, curved or flat-back barbell. It’s unique design is pearlescent and striking, adding a gorgeous shine to any nose, ear or lip stud.

Within the flower you’ll find 7 luxurious synthetic opals which glisten in the light. It’s one of our cutest items on offer at Paradox Body Jewellery. 

The opal attachment is made from the highest grade surgical steel and is threaded onto a titanium post.

We’ve got a huge range of internal threaded attachments for straight and curved barbells. This star gem attachment is a customer favourite. To see more of our body jewellery range, make sure you’re following us on Instagram!All of the products on our website are available to order online. We also have a huge range of e-liquid, started kits and MoDs for vapers over in our vape shop! You can visit our shop whenever you want to get friendly advice and browse even more high-quality body jewellery!