Kaos Software Silicone Hider Plug

Material: Silicone
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For an easy way to hide your tunnels without having to take out your jewellery, these Kaos Hider Plugs could be the perfect solution. They are designed to minimize the obviousness of your piercing, as opposed to eradicating them completely. With a rounded front and hollow back, the flesh tone is unlikely to match your skin tone exactly, but these plugs will definitely make your tunnels less conspicuous if there is an issue with you wearing them at work or at school.

Another bonus of silicone plugs is that they bend and flatten with your ear, as opposed to digging into your skin. Therefore they are very comfortable to wear if you have an active lifestyle. If you have ever thought that your metal or natural tunnels were uncomfortable while sleeping, or that they got in the way when wearing headphones, hats or helmets, then these silicone flesh tunnels could be the ones for you.

Silicone is comfortable and non-porous, so it's easy to keep clean and hygienic to wear.