Piercing Aftercare

The most effective way of cleaning your piercing will be to use a SEA SALT & WATER solution (Saline Solution).

To make your saline solution, mix ¼ - ½ teaspoon of sea salt to ½ pint or 300ml (about a mug) of boiled water. Wait until the solution cools down to luke-warm before starting your cleaning procedure. This will prevent you causing accidental burns.

First 3 days

  • Soak a wedge of clean tissue or kitchen roll with the solution and place on the piercing for about 30 seconds or until it cools down. Please do not use cotton wool or buds.
  • You can then remove any dry matter gently from each side of the piercing and the jewellery with a newly soaked piece of tissue or kitchen roll without rotating or moving the jewellery.

Finish your cleaning by patting it dry with a clean tissue.


After 3 days

  • Repeat step 1 & 2.
  • After making sure that the piercing and the jewellery are free from dry matter, rotate/slide the jewellery gently to the one side of the piercing, gently cleaning excess discharge with the same solution.
  • Repeat this at each of the entry points.
  • Finish your cleaning by patting it dry with a clean tissue.

It is important to follow this cleaning process twice daily until the piercing is fully healed. This must be done in the evening before going to bed (as this is the most common time for bacteria to enter the piercing due to uncontrolled movement of the jewellery), and should be done in the morning before starting your active day.

We recommend bathing your piercing in a warm saline solution as often as possible in addition to your normal cleaning routine.

It is also advisable to carry a small bottle of sterile saline solution (this can be purchased from any chemist at a small cost) to clean your piercing after contact with excessive dirt/grease etc…

This may sound complex, however, after a couple of days it will become second nature.