Titanium Ball Closure Rings with Carousel Ball

Material: Titanium
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This titanium ball closure ring features a Carousel ball which is inlaid with a single line of bright colour. Available in a wide range of different colours and sizes, these ball closure rings can be adapted to suit everyones style. They are suitable for many piercings and may be worn in ear lobes and cartilage piercings, facial piercings such as lip, nose and eyebrow and may be worn as an interesting alternative to navel barbells.

Larger guage titanium BCR's are a lightweight alternative in stretched piercings where one desires the aesthetic of the jewellery without the extra weight, such as nipple piercings and many genital piercings (Prince Albert, Clitoral hood, Labia, Foreskin).

Suitable for fresh piercings and stretched piercings.