Zircon Gold Titanium Curved Micro Barbell

Material: Titanium
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This zircon gold titanium barbell is a stunning piece of high quality piercing jewellery. The style is classic and makes this piercing jewellery an essential for everyone’s collection, whether you have an eyebrow or rook piercing.

It has a 1.2mm gauge and is available in lengths 6mm - 12mm and ball sizes 3mm or 4mm. The screw balls on both ends can be replaced with any of our screw attachments. This makes it customisable so you can find your own style. Head to our Instagram for inspiration and ideas!

This beautiful gold titanium curved barbell can be worn with many different types of piercings. It's curved design makes it comfortable to wear and will sit beautifully in your body piercing. Use this awesome micro barbell with all kinds of body modifications, whether it’s an eyebrow or rook piercing.

With free UK shipping on all orders over £10, why not combine this titanium barbell with your other stylish body jewellery to create a modern, edgy style. Shop high quality piercing jewellery with Paradox today.